About Us

Assisting research since 2012

An unexpected start...

Cerium Software started out as an entirely unexpected encounter, in a grad school lab late one Saturday night. Two students ran into each other trying to run an experiment on a shared piece of equipment, both assuming that "no one would ever be here Saturday ngiht!"

Well, it turns out that one of those two students was our company founder, Michael Nolan, and at that moment he decided to turn his coding hobby into something he could use to start assisting the lab. Two days later, he had a scheduling app that immediately resolved months of ongoing conflict over shared machines. Colleagues started asking for mroe features, and in 2012 Mike started a company, WebChemi, and developed a prototype of WebChemi Lab Manager, our first product.

WebChemi: 2012-2015

WebChemi was a short-lived company, but two major events occurred for the company's history. First, given that our founder was a scientist by training, not a developer, he found himself having to learn very quickly about professional development, and in the process deciding to scrap v1 of WebChemi Lab Manager. Second, WebChemi has the fortuitous opportunity to acquire ERC Project Center, now rebuilt as ERC 360.During these experiences, and after some mentorship from toher professional web developers, michael elarned the value of open source and saw that his company could be a vehicle for developing enabling open-source technologies, particularly in a research setting.

Enter CeriumSoft

With a change in vision and product focus, we also had a change in name, and brought on our first staff member. as of 2017, Cerium Software, LLC is now a Drupal Association organization member, and Pantheon Partner. Our plan is to roll out new products in 2017, and grow to reach our vision of using open source to transform university and community-based research.


Commitment to Open Source

Cerium Software LLC is an Organization Member of the Drupal Association, and our founder, Michael Nolan, also teaches web and app development courses via the Cerium Code Club Meetup. Where possible, we also give back by contributing code to the Drupal content management system, along with making some of our own software available as open source projects via BitBucket.org.