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Open source automation for
education and research

Automate Reporting

Generating complex reports from large datasets is a pain. We help you by finding solutions that leverage automation and crowdsourcing to minimize bottlenecks in your data gathering and reporting processes.

Crowdsource Data and Information

The primary value at Ceriumsoft is to empower organizations by combining automation and crowdsourcing into platforms that eliminate email, spreadsheets, and work that does not contribute to the goals and mission of an organization. We focus especially on content submission and moderation, searchable datasets, and reporting.

Elevate Your Organization

When we create software for your organization, we are not merely looking to build a good-looking process. We want your organization to become more successful, with our tools being a small part in your organization's transformation away from process and toward results.


Cerium Software builds platform software for work, learning, and volunteer communities.

Our products enable leadership teams to empower a community or organization to self-organize programs, content, and action plans in order to scale quickly and perform effectively.

Our design philosophy starts from the idea that a digital environment can be designed to encourage different kinds of communities, and that platform automation combined with community-empowering design allows leaders to leverage the incredible power of the teams and communities they are leading.

Train staff, build websites, and profit directly from your work with our open-source LMS
Leverage your community to find crowdsourced solutions.
Capture all activities and impacts in a format that meets reporting requirements for your funding agencies
Create automated databases to monitor applications, collect experiement data, and perform web analytics
Perform meta-analysis and construct search engines with our centrally managed web crawler

Crowd Source User Base

Open Source Contributions

Websites Using Our Software


We assist business and organizations in setting up platform software that is designed to enable community productivity.

We build tailored platforms starting from a platform template, and also offer hosting and insight on additional open source solutions for your organization.

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