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About Ceriumsoft


Cerium Software develops web-based solutions for small-to-medium sized organizations in business, non-profit, and university contexts. Our ideal clients range from single coaches operating a teaching platform for dozens to hundreds of clients, and university centers with multiple staff serving hundreds to thousands of students and faculty, to organizations in which tens of staff providing web-based services for thousands to tens of thousands of organization members. We offer attractive web frontends for site visitors, robust backends for handing data, and straightforward scalability so that an organization can focus on people instead of IT.

Further, Ceriumsoft's passion for open source has led us to assisting all sizes of organizations transition away from "big tech" platforms, to self-hosted solutions. We are a firm believer int he notion that people and organizations should be able to fully own their data, and not be required to sign it away in order to operate.



We develop websites and web-based platforms using the Drupal content management system, and combine its robust backend features with open source Javascript libraries to develop cutting edge applications for reporting, data management, e-commerce, and media. We also perform technical research for discovery of open source projects that assist clients in reaching their digital goals.

If you are ready to move beyond big-platform starter solutions, and need customization to make your platform hit its maximum potential, we can show you what to use, put it in place, and keep it up-to-date for you.



We are a team of web development and graphic design professionals, with particular expertise in the Drupal content management platform, and in frontends driven by Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. In addition to our client work, we also code for fun and community, with founder Michael Nolan having a very active Drupal.org account.

An early version of the business, WebChemi, was founded by Dr. Michael Nolan in 2012 as a student studying catalysis. After solving a scheduling conflict in the lab with a simple calendar app, he saw the potential in improving research by automating simple administrative tasks, and went to work on laboratory automation with "WebChemi Lab Manager," a precursor to CeriumSoft's Niobi Research Center and ERC360. During this early phase of the company, Michael built a small team with Andy Scott, working together to develop new offerings for our clients, and also rebranding to Cerium Software.