About Our Products

Cerium Software maintains open source Drupal modules and distributions aimed at assisting you in carrying out research. We provide the following services for each project:

Hosting Services

CeriumSoft provides hosted software solutions for people who want to take advantage of the software, without having to worry about IT. We will handle setup from building an appropriate server to software installation and onboarding, and from there we maintain your software on a subscription basis..

Training and Custom Development

Do you need further help setting up a custom feature for your software? Would you like help creating a custom Drupal site tailored to your research? We can help you build it, learn it, and utilize your custom solution to its maximum value.




Crowdsourced Activity Reporting for NSF Engineering Research Centers

ERC360 is a crowdsourced activity reporting software for members of the National Science Foundation's Engineering Research Center Program. Turn months of data collection and reporting work into days by having your members post their data into ERC360, giving you both compiled reports and real-time updates on progress per member, and for the ERC overall.

Niobi Research Center

Coordinate Research, Communicate Better

    Niobi Research Center was written to address the most common pain points in university research productivity. If you have seen new students lose weeks or even months of time when getting started, finding time to run experiments on frequently used machines, or re-inventing tools and processes that were already developed by earlier students, then this software is for you.

    Niobi is a research web application that allows research groups to organize work by groups and departments, and facilitates knowledge retention, onboarding of new group members, and inventory and equipment management.

Spectra Analytics

Your Custom Analytics Platform

Spectra Analytics is a statement-type database (actor performs action on object in context) which allows user-configurable data collection.Using Spectra's plugin system, one can configure a Spectra server for monitoring applications, collecting experiment data, web analytics, or any other data-driven application you may think of.

Zeomine Server Monitor

Automate Log Processing, Watch Servers, and more

Zeomine Server Monitor (ZSM) is a Python-based monitoring program which performs both server monitoring and log analysis. In addition to a core library that allows you to monitor server health, logs, and data backups, ZSM is also plugin-capable, allowing you to automate analysis of any output files generated by your equipment. ZSM can further be managed from a central server, and combined with Spectra Analytics to create real-time dashboards of your data.

Zeomine Web Crawler

Make the Web your space for research

While Zeomine Server Monitor performs automated monitoring and data collection within a server, Zeomine Web Crawler reaches outward to analyze websites. ZWC has been used in media analysis, text extraction and processing, downloading public data tables, and more. Like ZSM, ZWC may also be managed centrally, and can be used for tasks as simple as uptime monitoring, up to tasks as complex as constructing a search engine or performing meta-analysis. With ZWC's plugin system, every aspect of the crawler's behavior may be tweaked to your needs.