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ERC 360

ERC 360 automates data collection and reporting for National Science Foundation Engineering Research Centers. ERC enables the real-time capture of all reportable ERC member activities, and permits rapid report generation in the NSF's ERCWeb format.

Cerium Software

Custom Drupal Development

Cerium Software specializes in developing web-based database applications with the Drupal content and data management platform. We develop the database, APIs, reporting, and custom forms needed for all of your data collection and reporting needs.

Cerium Software


Quotemine is a Python-based web crawler that can be used to identify trends in the news, find authors who write about a topic of interest, perform text and analysis, find broken links and missing SEO on your website, and much more! Quotemine also integrates with IBM Watson's Sentiment Analysis engine, and integrates with Drupal for web-based reporting.